What started out as a mere caffeine connection to coffee, the world’s most beloved beverage quickly became a downright obsession for us. It started in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2011, where there are at least three speciality coffee (aka third-wave coffee) shops in every city. There we asked the question: why has America been drinking shit coffee for so many years? Well, very few people knew, or know, about speciality coffee. 

So we drank it in every form: hot, iced, nitro, blended, even with Coca-Cola. We had it brewed in almost every way: pour over, French Press, siphon, and drip. We also visited coffee farms and roasteries all over the globe. Eventually we noticed something. Third-wave coffee was still in third place. It wasn't first, and it was just barely working its way to second if that. Why?

Well, we discovered a divide between people. On one end, you have the group that truly understands what it takes to produce quality coffee from seed to cup. And then on the other end, you have the rest of world. The ones that drink coffee, but don’t know what they’re drinking or where it came from. And that’s where The Global Coffee Counter was born.

Originally trying to close the gap between these two groups of people, we later realized that’s not what we were chasing. We discovered a deeper message we were trying to spread; Coffee is universal. Coffee is community. Coffee is love. 

Speciality or not, coffee has always been meant to be enjoyed with people. It sparks conversation. It inspires. It tells storiesall over the globe. 

And it took us all this time to realize that’s what we’ve been in it for all alongthe story. So let’s hear it.